Germinating Cannabis Seeds.

by Alex Robles

There are a lot of different ways and many growers have a ton of different rituals when it comes to germinating cannabis seeds.  Today I’m going to share the two method that I’ve had the most success with when germinating seeds.  I usually just use the “cup of water” method but I have used the “wet paper towel” method also and I’ll go over both.

 Cup of Water

  • For this you will need a clean cup that is not see threw, clean water and a napkin or envelop.
  • Put your seeds into the cup with clean water. You’ll notice that most of the seeds float and this is to be expected.  If you get a seed that goes directly to the bottom, this could be a bad seed.  Don’t lose hope or be to upset because nothing is 100%, leave it in there you never know.
  • Cover the cup with a napkin or an envelope, nothing to heavy. Your only trying to make it dark, your not trying to make it air tight. Once they’re covered you can leave on the counter or desk of a well ventilated room that doesn’t get bellow 58F 14C for 12hrs.  The seeds will sink once they have taken on enough water, some seeds will sink sooner than others.  After 12hrs most if not all of the seeds will have sunk to the bottom.  You may find some seeds that haven’t sank.  You need to encourage those seeds to sink.  Disturb the water by swishing it around with a wooden skewer but don’t get to wild with it, if they don’t sink it’s alright.  Leave all the seeds in the covered cup of water for another 12hrs.
  • After the seeds have been in the water for a full 24hrs you’ll notice that some of the seeds may have “cracked” open and begun to sprout a tap root.  This is a good sign and don’t worry if you still have some seeds that haven’t sank or cracked open. Leave the seeds in the water for another 24hrs.  After 48hrs all the healthy seeds that are able to, should have a tap root showing which means their ready to go into some dirt.  Remember that it isn’t a good idea to leave the seeds in water for longer than 48hrs total.

Paper Towel

  • For this you will need two paper towel, a small clean plate and some clean water.
  • Fold one paper towel in half and pour the cup of water and the seeds onto the paper towel. Make sure that the seeds are well spaced on the plate to allow for air circulation.  Take the other paper towel and fold it in half and place it over the seeds.  Take some clean water and wet the top paper towel until it is soaked.  Tilt the plate while holding the paper towels to drain off any extra water.
  • Now that your seed are wet you are going to want to keep them that way and will have to visit them 2 to 3 times a day depending how hot the room gets to make sure they don’t dry out. The seeds will still need a well ventilated room that doesn’t get below 58F 14C and darkness.  If you can’t make the room dark it’s a good thing you used a small plate.  You can use a large pot lid to cover the plate.  Once again your not trying to make it air tight, your just trying to make it as dark as possible.  If some light gets in it’s not the end of the world.  Just remember to leave the lid off for at least 15 to 20min every time you visit your seeds to help with air circulation, which helps with root growth.
  • On average seed will crack and begin to grow a tap root within 3 to 7 days, depending on the strain. Once the tap root is an ¼”(0.6cm) long it’s time to put “her” in some dirt.

Well I hope this information helps you crack that seed.

Grow, Learn, Teach

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