Choosing the right looking seeds.

by Alex Robles

Now that you have some basic information about the different type of seeds.  It’s time to choose a seed and start growing.  Weather you get your seeds from a reputable seed company or a friend, there are a few identifying characteristics you can use to increase your chances of choosing a mature, viable seed.

A mature seed will be hard, round, dark brownish green and have dark stripes on them.  The bigger and rounder the seed is the better your chances are for a healthy seedling.  An immature seed will be more flat than round, pale yellow/green in color and have no stripes.  The majority of the seeds that you get from reputable seed companies will be viable and will germinate.  It is still good practice to check your seeds for these characteristics before you germinate them.

That’s it, good seed hunting.

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Mature seeds

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