Is that free cannabis seed mature enough to grow a plant?

by Alex Robles

95-98% of the seeds we order from a reputable seed company are mature and viable to grow a beautiful cannabis plant.  But how do we know if that seed we found in that jar of cannabis we just bought or the seed a friend gave us is any good?  Here are a few identifying characteristics you can use to figure out if that free seed is mature and viable enough to grow a healthy plant.  

A mature seed will be hard, round, dark brownish green and sometimes have dark stripes on them.  The bigger and rounder the seed is the better your chances are for a healthy seedling.  An immature seed will be more flat than round and pale yellow/green in color.  Immature seeds will also crush when you pinch them slightly.   It is still good practice to check your seeds for these characteristics before you germinate them.

Growers Note:  Pale color alone is NOT a sign of immaturity, some cannabis strains will make a pale or white seed.  A reputable breeder or seed bank will mention this characteristic in their description and will have no problem talking to you about it if you ask them.

That’s it, good seed hunting.

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