Auto-flower seed dilemma

by Alex Robles

What’s happening cultivators, I hope everyone’s garden is looking great today.  The hot topic around the circle for last couple of day has been about auto-flower seeds.  Mostly about the potential that it has to flood the market if we’re not careful, once cannabis becomes completely legal here in California.

Auto-flowering marijuana plants are hybrids that will typically sprout and be ready to harvest in 10-12 weeks and they finish up real short, 3-4ft max.  This is great for indoor growers because space is always an issue.  The down sides is that it isn’t easy to get a clone that won’t start to flower regardless of the photo period (light cycle) and forget about trying to keep a mother.  If you can’t make a clone than you have to buy more seeds.  That’s what I have a problem with because we run the risk of loosing the well establish varieties that we all enjoy.  And if left unchecked, the marijuana that we know today could be completely different in 10 years.

Now don’t misunderstand me, this is not a campaign against auto-flower.  I’ve grown them  before and I like the way they acted outdoors in the mild California winter.  It was a lot of fun watching this plant go on auto-pilot.  The THC level wasn’t very high and I blame that on genetics.  I do think every grower should grow an auto-flower at least once but I also think that every grower should know how to make a seed.  Leave a question or comment.

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