A new day for recreational cannabis

by Alex Robles

Well my fellow cannabis enthusiasts, this is a new day.  20 years after medical cannabis was legalized in California, the great citizens of that state voted to legalize it for recreational use by anyone over the age of 21.  So as of Wednesday November 9, 2016 adults can legally consume cannabis for the fun of it. This matters to me because I live in the beautiful Golden State and I believe in the free and open access to cannabis by adults.  

The “Adult use of Marijuana Act” or “Prop 64” basically allows adults to use, possess, purchase and grow non-medical cannabis within certain limits.  Here are some of the highlights:


  • ANYONE over the age of 21 years old can possess, process, transport, purchase, obtain, or give away no more than 28.5 grams (a hair over 1 ounce) of cannabis flower and no more than 8 grams of concentrated cannabis.
  • ANYONE over the age of 21 years old can possess, plant, cultivate, harvest, dry, or process no more than six living cannabis plants and possess the cannabis produced by those plants within a single private residence.


  • Prohibits the consumption of cannabis in a public place that isn’t licensed for such use.
  • Denies access to cannabis by ANYONE younger than 21 years old who are not medical cannabis patients.
  • Prohibits cannabis products and smoke within 1,000 feet of a school, day care center, or youth center while children are present, except in or upon the grounds of a private residence.
  • You still CAN NOT consume cannabis and DRIVE any type of vehicle!
  • It bars cannabis businesses from being located within 600 feet of schools and other areas where children gather.
  • Insures the non-medical cannabis industry in California will be built around small and medium size businesses by prohibiting large-scale cultivation licenses for the first 5 years.
  • Imposes strict anti-monopoly restrictions for businesses that are in the non-medical cannabis industry.
  • Regulates and brings all aspects of cannabis production into the light.

This law doesn’t make me want to give up my medical cannabis patient status, but I am thrilled to see cannabis prohibition becoming an old way of thinking.  The tricky part of this transition is that recreational cannabis store fronts and businesses won’t be fully licensed until January 1, 2018.  So for now the black market is still the only place you can find it if you’re not a patient.

These are just a few of things that are in California’s new “ Adult use of Marijuana Act”, trust me there’s a lot more in it.  So before you go off and do something crazy based on the information here, please know that every local government has the right to change certain parts of this law.  Just remember to triple check the law, the devil is in the details.

That’s all I’ve got for today, I hope everyone has an awesome week.

Grow, Learn, Teach

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