Something to think about for powdery mildew

by Alex Robles

What’s happening everyone, I hope your gardens are going as planned.  Lately when I get on Facebook, I’ve been seeing these ads for “Cleanlight Hobby Unit”.  The ad claims it’s a good tool to use against powdery mildew.  I have to say the ad made me curious enough to go to Amazon and look for some reviews.  I was surprised to see that the first review was from someone who not only hated this product but gives advice on how to build a better type of light.  It’s an awesome grow hack that I will be trying soon.  Check it out if you get a chance, it’s an interesting review.  That’s it, enjoy your day.

Growers Note:  Be very careful using any UV light for fungus control.  Some of these spectrums  have been known to cause skin cancer.  If you have to turn on the light while your in the room, cover up ALL parts of your skin.  Be smart and be safe.

Click here for Amazon Review

Click here for the Light used for the hack

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