In My Grow Show Ep. 26 hosted by Alex Robles Sulfur Deficiency

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Ep. 26 Sulfur Deficiency.

Strain of the Week: Casey Jones – is a cross between Oriental Express (Trainwreck x Thai) and East Coast Sour Diesel that provides an earthy, sweet palate with subtle hints of citrus. Casey Jones produces pleasant sativa effects that are uplifting and great for releasing your creativity.

Social Media: Proposed changes to California cannabis regulations.  WeedCon

CBD concentrate oil

Report from the cannabis front line;

-Crime clearance study


The legalization of recreational cannabis in Washington state (I-502) and Colorado (A-64) created a natural experiment with ancillary unknowns. Of these unknowns, one of the more heavily debated is that of the potential effects on public health and safety. Specific to public safety, advocates of legalization expected improvements in police effectiveness through the reduction in police time and attention to cannabis offenses, thus allowing them to reallocate resources to more serious offenses. Using 2010 to 2015 Uniform Crime Reports data, the research undertakes interrupted time-series analysis on the offenses known to be cleared by arrest to create monthly counts of violent and property crime clearance rate as well as disaggregated counts by crime type. Findings suggest no negative effects of legalization on crime clearance rates. Moreover, evidence suggests some crime clearance rates have improved. Our findings suggest legalization has resulted in improvements in some clearance rates.

-Colorado: Youth Marijuana Use Unchanged Post-Legalization, State Survey Data Says

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Denver, CO: Marijuana use by young people remains largely unchanged since the enactment of a voter-initiated law legalizing the plant’s possession and retail sale to adults, according to data released by the Department of Public Health and Environment.

State survey data finds that the percentage of teens acknowledging using cannabis in 2017 was 19 percent, down one percent from 2013. Colorado voters passed legalization in November 2012. Retail sales of cannabis began on January 1, 2014.

The percentage of Colorado youth using cannabis is consistent with the national average.

By contrast, self-reported marijuana use by adults has increased slightly, driven largely by an increase in consumption by younger adults.

The data is consistent with prior studies finding that neither the enactment of medical cannabis legalization nor the enactment of adult use regulation is independently associated with increased marijuana use by young people.

-Boston, MA: The majority of oncologists believe that the use of medical cannabis is either as effective or more effective than conventional treatments for managing symptoms of cancer, according to survey data published in The Journal of Clinical Oncology.

-Cannabis To Be Equally Or More Effective Than Conventional Treatments

A team of investigators lead by researchers at The Dana Farber Cancer Clinic randomly surveyed oncologists’ beliefs with regard to the safety and efficacy of cannabis therapy. Sixty-five percent of respondents said that medical marijuana was equally effective or more effective than standard treatments for addressing appetite loss and/or cachexia. The majority of respondents also believed that cannabis was safe and effective as an adjunct treatment for anxiety and pain. Half of respondents said that cannabis was as effective or more effective that conventional medications in treating nausea, and 70 percent viewed marijuana as equally safe or safer than opioids.

The survey also reported that some eighty percent of oncologists had engaged in discussions with their patients about the use of cannabis, although in over half of those instances it was either patients or their families, rather than the oncologists themselves, who prompted the conversation.

Sulfur Deficiency:

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Bensound – FunkySuspense

Quimorucru – Le train pour Paspbiac

Brazzmatazz – Mezcal y Sangrita

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