“In My Grow Show” Ep. 52: A conversation with Rodney Medina

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Alex talks to Rodney Medina about cannabis in the Latino culture. 

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Show Notes:  Welcome to episode #52.  Today I’m starting a new series call “predator of the week” and it is on the lovely ladybug.   Later I’ll play a conversation I had with Rodney Medina.

Strain of the Week:  The indica known as Shiva Skunk.  She is a cross of the Skunk #1 and the Northern Lights #5.  She has that nice earthy, dirty cannabis smell. The internet says she’s a lazy high, I didn’t have that, i would call it mellow but not lazy.  It did zap some of my motivation, so end of the day is when I’d use it.

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Kop-sun is having there “Leaf Learning” meeting, which is held at the Carpinteria Women’s Club, Wed. Feb. 27 from 5-6pm.  It will be a panel discussion with Dr. Margaret Peterson, Dr. Connie, Liz Rogan and Autum Shelton. Find them on IG @kopsun for ticket information.

Report from the cannabis front line


Coversations with: Rodney Medina who is a producer of both english and spanish content.  He was cool enough to take some time out of his Saturday to talk with me about how cannabis is seen in the Spanish speaking world.

We talk a bit about expungement of non-violent cannabis offenses.  If you live in a place where cannabis is legal either recreational or medical, call your District Attorney to see if you can get your charges resentenced and taken off your record.

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Bensound – The Jazz Piano

Jerry Harris – Just a little love we need

The Rejected – West Coast Freed the Weed.

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