In My Grow Show w/ Alex Robles: Ep. 65 Silica and Social Equity in the cannabis world.

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Why do plants need silica and I start to try to understand what social equity means.

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Show Notes: Welcome to ep.65.  Later I’ll talk a little about Silica and out plants and Social Equity in the cannabis world.  Also the adventures of recording in Spanish.

Strain of the Week: Raspberry Cough – A cross between a Cambodian landrace and ICE, Raspberry Cough exhibits clear-headed uplifting effects good for productivity.

Spanish episode with my buddy Juan.  

Social MedIa: @happytreeartclass805 the next puff and paint is June 23.  This time there will be the official food vender “Sian Ka’An” Mayan Cuisine will be selling delicious dishes (IG @sian_kaan_mayan_cuisine).

California Sober

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Report from the cannabis front line;

-Governor Steve Sisolak (D) of Nevada signed legislation into law that prohibits certain employers from refusing to hire a worker because he or she tested positive for cannabis, as well as legislation encouraging financial institutions to work with licensed marijuana businesses and to process financial transactions and separate legislation to allow industrial hemp production.

-Governor Kate Brown (D) of Oregon signed legislation into law that prohibits landlords from arbitrarily refusing to provide housing access to an individual based solely on their status as a medical cannabis patient, or based solely on an individual’s prior cannabis conviction.

-Governor John Bel Edwards (D) of Louisiana signed legislation into law to allow the production of industrial hemp and hemp-derived CBD products.

-BCC of Ca answers questions

-Price per mg

Silica and out cannabis plants

Social equity in the cannabis world:  I don’t know what that means

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