“In My Grow Show” w/ Alex: Ep 68. A conversation with Joe Garcia

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A few tips for fireworks and our dogs.

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Show Notes:  This is ep. 68 and next week is the 4th of July.  The show is out late because i had some computer issues yesterday.  Later I’ll going to play a conversation with Joe Garcia, a founding member of the Lompoc Valley Cannabis Coalition.  I’ll also have some suggestions for keeping our dogs safe during the 4th fireworks. I stopped by the Raw CBD Fest on Saturday and I met a lot of cool people (Kimberly / Ryan).

Strain of the Week: French cookies – is the Indica-dominant Hybrid flower. A cross between Cookies and Paris OG. Great for providing you with calm, relaxing moods and sweet, citrusy flavor.

Social Media: Puff’n’Paint – had a great time and it was packed.  I met some cool new people. Violet was the artist you can find her on IG @bioket.  Music was provided by “Thursday Island’s Psychic Charity or TIPC and you can find him on IG @tripped_keys.

Dr. Eileen Gillen – botanicalveterinaryproducts.com get 15% off when you use promo code “grandopenbvp” and it’s good until July 27.

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Report from the cannabis front line

-U.S. Senator Ron Wyden and Congressman Earl Blumenauer introduced legislation to allow for interstate commerce when it comes to state-legal cannabis programs.

-Governor Janet Mills (D) of Maine signed legislation into law setting rules and regulations for the adult use cannabis market.

-Governor Chris Sununu (R) of New Hampshire signed legislation into law allowing physicians assistants to recommend medical cannabis to their patients.

-Governors Ron DeSantis (R) of Florida signed industrial hemp production legislation into law.

-New Mexico’s new decriminalization law takes effect this coming Monday July 1.

4th of July tips for our dogs and fireworks. 

Conversations with: Joe Garcia, a founding member of the Lompoc Valley Cannabis Coalition

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