In My Grow Show w/ Alex Ep. 91: The New Year 2020.

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How I rehydrate my weed.

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Show Notes: Greetings and welcome to show 91 and to the first show of 2020.  I meant to do a show before the new year last week but my daughter got sick.  Recap of the year for the show. I decided not to do video episodes this year because when it’s just me it’s really boring.  I also didn’t finish my cookbook, I have half the recipes I need for it. Got my notes from the Ojai Herbal Symposium. One last thing, birthday shout to Kristen from SBVerde.

Strain of the Week:

  • Lowell Farms 5 pack of pre-rolled, the comfort indica.  They were a blend of Super Glue x Josh D OG. The package said 21% THC but it didn’t feel like that to me, I got to be honest I was unimpressed.  Both by the high and the flavor which was bland. On top of that all 5 of those joints were runners. I like some of Lowell Farms flower, but when it comes to these pre-rolled I’m not a fan.
  • The other stain is the Mango Brulee  Sativa-Dominant, citrus, floral and mango, positive and focused, daytime “Top Shelf” hybrid coupling of Mango and Blue Dream.  It had a flowery smell in the jar and had a really fruity, sweet taste, not like mango but pineapple to me. It was a nice high, not to heavy 18% THC.  And it was put together by the Monterey Kush Co. and I picked that up at the Hueneme Patient Collective down in Oxnard.

I want to wrap that up by giving a pot smoker tip of the week.  If your bud gets dry you rehydrate it in a few different ways. Cannabis leaf, piece of tortilla or orange peel.  Don’t put a wet cotton ball or tissue in with it, could cause condensation and cause mold.

Things I want in 2020:  Cannabis rescheduled federally and more consumption lounges near me.

Social Media: 

  • Dr. Jake Felice will be giving a presentation about the “endocannabinoid system” on Jan. 13 at Sesepe Creek Collective at 408 Bryant Crl. suite C. in Ojai.
  • Arroyo Verde Farms which is a cannabis cultivation farm out in Carpinteria Ca. are having community day tour on Sat. Jan 18.  I picked up the free tickets for this event in the Bio of their IG account @arroyoverdefarms.
  • Quarterly Cannabis workshop and network event is on Jan 8. Wed at the Carr Winery 414 N Salsipuedes, in SB.  The topics are (The Social Entrepreneur, How Compliance Testing Legitimizes the Industry and Federal Cannabis Legislation

Report from the cannabis front line

Big Cannabis stories of 2019:  

  • Vaping lung disease a.k.a e-cigarette, or vaping, product use-associated lung injury (EVALI).
  • Phylos Bioscience
  • Legalizing hallucinogenic
  • The rise of cannabis/Hemp and clash between communities and industry.
  • The Black Market and the high cost of regs and taxes in Ca.

Big thanks to:  All the artist for letting me use their music and to DJ Monstr Drop for helping out with some of the social media stuff.

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