In My Grow Show w/ Alex Ep. 98: Sara Rotman from Busy Bee Organics Farms is back.

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My thoughts on PGR (plant growth regulators) weed.

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Show Notes:  Welcome to show 98.  Later I’ll play a conversation I had with Sara Rotman.    So the supervisor meeting happened and it didn’t go well for hemp farmers (Justin’s Comment).  If you want to watch the meeting here is the link (  The hemp part starts around the 5hr 47min mark, if you want to watch it.  The potluck picnic was a hit.

Strain of the Week:  Last week’s review was shit and wrong.   Orange Zkittlles – is a 60/40 sativa dominant strain and is a cross of the infamous California Orange( or Agent Orange) and Zkittles.  This flower has of course, a citrusy smell, but the taste is beyond orange. It has a lemon air freshener flavor going on, with a sweet, sugary taste at the end when I exhale.  It was a totally relaxing, euphoric, happy high. It was a heavy hitter coming in at 24% THC, which makes it great for me to party with. If I want to do work with it, I have to take 2 hits and walk away.  Anymore and I’m too high to work. Great bud, if you see it pick it up.

Conversations with:  Sara Rotman is the owner of Busy Bee Organics Farms.  I invited her back to update us on hard it is still to be a cannabis farmer 4yrs after legalized recreational cannabis was voted for.  

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