En Mi Cultivo con Alex Ep. 2: El sistema endocannabinoide.

por Alex Robles

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Bienvenidos de nuevo a todos.  Este es el episodio # 2 del programa, gracias por escuchar. Hoy quiero hablar sobre el sistema endocannabinoide.  Me tomó más tiempo de lo que pensé que sería armar esto.

My notes on “Organic Fertilizers”.

by Alex Robles

Everyone in the cannabis cultivation industry is scrambling to find the perfect “Organic Fertilizer” that’s state approved and will consistently feed a crop.  All fertilizers have their benefits and limits, so pay attention to what you need.  These are just some of my notes on this topic that I’ve taken from different sources.  This is by no means meant to be a complete list of information on this broad topic.  I didn’t add a lot of NPK rations because every product and nutrient source will be different at different times.  I intentionally left out worm castings because I’m a big fan of it and I feel that deserves it’s own entry.

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