In My Grow Show Ep. 113: The Mystery Girl gets the chop and soil for your cannabis plant.

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Dr. Lester Grinspoon

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Show Notes:  Welcome to Ep. 113.  Later we’re going to talk about soil in Cannabis Garden 101.  I gave blood last week and they told me I can check to see if I have COVID19 antibodies.  I chopped the Mystery Girl down, hung her up in a corner of the barn, I’m trying to keep the humidity between 65-54%.  She’ll stay there for about a week maybe 10 days and then jar it up for another 7-10 days at least, to cure.  Dr. Lester Grinspoon passed away this week.  Marijuana Reconsidered & Marijuana: The Forbidden Medicine, 2 of his most famous works.

Strain of the Week:  Blue Frost – Blue Frost is a hybrid of Blue Monster and Jack Frost and is an indica-dominant cross.  The flavor is an interesting combination of sweet fruity

with a cheesey aftertaste.  This was a nice happy euphoric smoke, not too heavy.  Nice way to end the busy part of the day.

Social Media: Cannabis benchmark price

Report from the cannabis front line:

War on drugs and Veggie Tales

CBD and THC in the same stores

Weed is more moral

Conversations with:  Cannabis Garden 101 – Is on soil today, not on male female plants.

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Fire Fly


Punk Rock Opera – I wanna be a machine

The Soil Food Web

by Alex Robles

The Soil Food Web (SFW) is an amazing thing to understand, because it helps us see the beautiful complexity in nature.  Without a doubt, It’s not a simple straight line like a food chain is.   In a chain we can easily track the energy from grass to cow to human.  In the SFW there are a lot more complicated relationships between organisms that live and thrive in the soil.   It’s also complicated by the fact that these relationships can change depending on the plants needs.  I hope my explanation of the soil food web helps you understand it a little better.

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Cannabis Plant in the Vegetative Stage Part Three: Lighting, Temperature and Humidity

by Alex Robles

Well cannabis lovers, it’s part 3 of “A Cannabis Plant in Veg” and this time I’m talking about lighting, temperature and humidity.  When I started writing this series I realized I had to hit the highlights of the different parts of growing cannabis because it’s really easy to get lost in the details.  My advice to any new grower is to first learn the best, safe practices for growing quality  cannabis.  Then when you’re comfortable and ready to take your skills to the next level, learn and understand why VPD ( Vapor Pressure Deficit), LST ( Leaf Surface Temperature) or micromoles per joule are important.  Right now, let’s just get comfortable with growing a healthy plant. Continue reading