Top Four Things Every New Cannabis Grow Should Do.

by Alex Robles

As a new grower there are “Four Top Things” I believe you should do right after you’ve decided to start growing.  I believe anybody can grow pot but you need to know a thing or two to grow quality cannabis. Continue reading

Cannabis Plant in the Vegetative Stage Part Two: The Plant

by Alex Robles

What’s happening my fellow cannabis enthusiasts, thank you for joining me for the second installment of this series about cannabis in the vegetative (veg) stage.  In the first part I talked about the “Pot” and everything I put in it for my plants.  In this next part I’m going to tell you about a few of the things I expect to see from a plant in veg.  I’ll also quickly cover the seedling and link to the macro/micro nutrients the plant needs.  I’m not going to talk about “Super Cropping” or “FIMing” because I don’t want to over complicate the topic with some semi-advanced techniques.  I will talk a little about “topping” and “training” because sometimes the plants get bigger than we planned for and we may have to cut them back or make them bend to our will.  Just as last time, I’ll be linking to different articles to help explain some of the information. Continue reading

Cannabis Plant in the Vegetative Stage Part One: The Pot

by Alex Robles

Take a moment to pat yourself on the back because that seedling you agonized over is now a plant in the vegetative (veg) stage.  Most new grower usually make mistakes and their plants pay with their lives before they get to veg.  So again, good job on getting your plant this far.  Now that we’re done celebrating we have to plan our work and work our plan because that plant is going to need more of our attention now.   Continue reading

The Easy Way to Sex a Cannabis Plant.


by Alex Robles

Yes good job, after about three weeks you no longer have a delicate looking seedling.  The stem has thickened up and is now able to support itself more easily and should have at least 3 sets of cannabis leaves showing.  That plant has clearly entered the vegetative (veg) growth stage.  At this point I would keep the light cycle to a healthy schedule which is an 18-6 in my opinion and that means 18hrs of lights and 6hrs of dark.  Cannabis can be vegged with 24hrs of light, but I’m of the opinion that every living thing needs rest to thrive.  This is the stage where the plant starts to get taller, bushier and hungrier.   But this is also when I can find out if it’s a boy or a glorious girl. Continue reading

Hooray your cannabis seed finally cracked (sprouted), now what?

By Alex Robles

So the seeds you set out to germinate finally crack and now you have to put them in some soil.  Do you believe the marketing and buy a sprouting soil mix or do you make your own, but which recipe should you follow?  Well you’re in luck because today I’m going back to church so I can keep preaching about my love for worm castings and let me tell you that love runs deep.  Since I grow in dirt, in containers there are very few things I lean on more than a great bag of castings to help me keep my garden healthy during all stages of growth.  In the past I’ve rambled on about the different ways I use it, from top dressing to making tea.  But today I’m going to go over how I use it to make a sprouting soil mix. Continue reading

How I make a cannabis seed and pollinate by hand

by Alex Robles

What’s happening my fellow cultivators, breeder and cannabis enthusiast of all stripe, I hope everyone is doing beautifully right now.  Awhile back I posted a rant about auto-flower seeds and I mentioned that every grower should learn how to make a seed.  Now I’m not a breeder by any means but I have made a seed before and today I want to tell you about how I make them. Continue reading

The BIG THREE of today’s marijuana varieties are Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis.

by  Alex Robles

Lately when you go to a party or a bar the conversation seems to drift towards the topic of marijuana.  You’ll hear words like Sativa, Indica or Ruderalis (auto-flower) and if your not hip to the culture you may feel a bit left out.  Don’t worry I’ll tell what I know and try to demystify this part of the cannabis plant.  Let’s get started. Continue reading

Is that free cannabis seed mature enough to grow a plant?

by Alex Robles

95-98% of the seeds we order from a reputable seed company are mature and viable to grow a beautiful cannabis plant.  But how do we know if that seed we found in that jar of cannabis we just bought or the seed a friend gave us is any good?  Here are a few identifying characteristics you can use to figure out if that free seed is mature and viable enough to grow a healthy plant.   Continue reading

Before you buy cannabis seeds, know the different kinds of seeds that are out there.

by Alex Robles

Choosing the right seeds for your cannabis garden doesn’t have to be that intimidating, but you should know what you want and what you’re looking for.  The first thing you should do is always purchase your seeds from a reputable seed company.  A quality seed company representative should have no problem taking the time to answer all your questions about their products.  Think of it this way, since seed are the most important and possibly expensive part of your garden, good customer service is important.  Another thing you need to think about before you buy seeds is this.  Most experience growers will say that “all cannabis seeds can be grown indoor or outdoor”.  That’s true for the most part, but if we want the best chance for a successful cannabis garden we need to think about what the breeder intended.   Some varieties might do better indoors than they do outdoors.  We also have to remember that the different strains ( indica, sativa, ruderalis) will have different flowering cycles and be ready for harvest on different schedules.  So if a seed descriptions says it has a “flowering time of 9-11 week”, that means it should be ready to harvest 9-11 weeks after it starts flowering.

Next let’s talk about some of the different types of seed you’re going to find out there.  The first thing you notice when go on to a cannabis seed companies website or take a look at their glossy magazine ad is the different variety of seeds for sale.  Here are a few basic things we all need to know before we buy our seeds. Continue reading

Germinating Cannabis Seeds.

by Alex Robles

There are a lot of different ways and many growers have a ton of different rituals when it comes to germinating cannabis seeds.  Today I’m going to share the two method that I’ve had the most success with when germinating seeds.  I usually just use the “cup of water” method but I have used the “wet paper towel” method also and I’ll go over both.

Continue reading