What is nutrient mobility?

by Alex Robles

Greetings everyone, I hope your gardens are looking lush.  Since winter is among us I’m going to keep talking about nutrients, specifically nutrient mobility.  I think it’s a good thing to understand because it helps me recognize a nutrient deficiencies quicker.  In some past posts I’ve given different examples of how this works.  Right now I’d like to go a little deeper into it, but not too deep because there’s a lot more science behind it then what I’m about to mention.  Continue reading

Cannabis Nutrients part seven: Sulfur and Cannabis

What’s going on everyone, I hope everything went as planned.  Today post is going to talk about a few of the ways that cannabis uses sulfur (S) and some of signs to look for during a deficiency.  It is one of three secondary nutrients that a cannabis plant needs to thrive.  This element is so abundant in rainwater, the soil and some tap water, that a deficiency is rare to see in plants grown outdoors in the ground. Continue reading

Worm castings and its delicious tea.

by Alex Robles

Greeting my fellow cultivators, I hope everyone’s day was close to perfect.  Today I’m going to preach about all the beautiful things I love about worm castings sometimes called vermicast, worm poop or worm manure, it’s all the same thing.  I want to start by mentioning that castings are the only fertilizer I know of that has very little order and is safe to use around kids and pets as well as indoors.   The easy rule that I use for spotting quality castings is “the darker the better”, I like them to be a little darker than wet coffee grounds.  Since castings are water activated, it’s ok if I get a bag of castings and it dries out a bit. Continue reading

Cannabis nutrients Part Six: Magnesium and Cannabis.

by Alex Robles

Greetings my fellow cultivators, I hope everyone’s gardens are thriving and looking great.  The march down the list of nutrients continues and this time I’m going to talk about the wonders of Magnesium.

Magnesium (Mg) is a secondary nutrient that plays a primary role in a plants life cycle and will use it in large amounts.  Photosynthesis is the process of taking inorganic carbon (carbon dioxide) and changing it into organic compounds, this process can’t happen without Mg.   It’s also known that Mg is used to make the chlorophyll that gives plants their color and is the active part of light energy absorption.  Magnesium can’t be absorbed in its raw form by the roots from the soil, it has to be processed by beneficial micro-organisms first.  The uptake of phosphorous is also easier when a cannabis plant has enough magnesium.  Continue reading