The Two Spotted Spider Mite and the Cannabis (Marijuana) Plant.

by Alex Robles

Spider mites are one of the most common pests that cannabis growers are going to run into.  If they’re left unchallenged and allowed to get comfortable they will be devastating to a crop.  So instead of doing battle with these little bastards I suggest developing an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program suited to your conditions.  A good place to start is to have clean grow area, don’t give pests a reason to want to hang out. The next step is to know your enemy.

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“In My Grow Show” hosted by Alex Robles: Ep. 47 Fungus Gnats and the Cannabis Plant

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Fungus gnats and the Cannabis Plant.

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Show Notes

Greetings everyone, welcome and thank you showing up.  Called the “The Eagle Inn” because they claim to be 420 friendly.  According management you can smoke on balcony but not in the rooms, all hotel rooms are no smoking.

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Fungus Gnats and the Cannabis Plant.

By Alex Robles

     Before we start talking about fungus gnats I need to mention how important it is to learn how to water your plants.  I know it seems like a stupid thing to bring up because it sounds so basic, but many plants have met their death by over watering.  Most of those victims have been seedlings and young plants since their root system is still developing. However, too much or too little water or bad soil conditions (e.g., poor drainage, or waterlogging) are much more common causes of wilted plants.  

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This is why White flies are disastrous for cannabis/marijuana.

by Alex Robles

White flies are tiny pest that could cause major problems for a cannabis plant.  I did battle with them back in 2018 and I learned a few things from a lot of different places.  I went back to my library and read everything I could find, I also went to some trusted online sources and I asked some fellow grower their advice.  Here’s what I think you should know about these little assholes.

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Cannabis Plant in the Vegetative Stage Part One: The Pot

by Alex Robles

Take a moment to pat yourself on the back because that seedling you agonized over is now a plant in the vegetative (veg) stage.  Most new grower usually make mistakes and their plants pay with their lives before they get to veg.  So again, good job on getting your plant this far.  Now that we’re done celebrating we have to plan our work and work our plan because that plant is going to need more of our attention now.   Continue reading

Nematodes, The Organic way to Fight Pests.

by Alex Robles

Pests love to build their home and lay their eggs in warm moist places and it’s not just one type.  There are lots of little assassins out there that would love to live in the environment that we build.  A huge part of my IPM (integrated pest management) starts with my soil since it’s going to be wettest part of my grow.  I believe that having a healthy soil is part of having a healthy plant.  When I talk about healthy soil I mean soil that’s alive with beneficial microorganisms that are going to be my foot soldiers against the invaders. Continue reading

Worm castings and its delicious tea.

by Alex Robles

Greeting my fellow cultivators, I hope everyone’s day was close to perfect.  Today I’m going to preach about all the beautiful things I love about worm castings sometimes called vermicast, worm poop or worm manure, it’s all the same thing.  I want to start by mentioning that castings are the only fertilizer I know of that has very little order and is safe to use around kids and pets as well as indoors.   The easy rule that I use for spotting quality castings is “the darker the better”, I like them to be a little darker than wet coffee grounds.  Since castings are water activated, it’s ok if I get a bag of castings and it dries out a bit. Continue reading

Top two reasons why you should never grow Miracle-Gro marijuana if you don’t have to.

by Alex Robles

Hello again my fellow cultivators, I hope everyone’s day went as planned.  Today I’m going to talk about soil again, more specifically bad soil.

When I allegedly grew cannabis in Texas I made a lot of mistakes and growing Miracle-Gro marijuana was one of the bigger ones.  Today, I never use Miracle-Gro in any of my gardens, cannabis or otherwise and encourage everyone I talk to about soil NOT to use it.  Putting aside the fact that it’s a Monsanto product and that the fertilizer that’s used is petroleum based.  It’s just not a good soil to grow marijuana in.  I understand that some of the higher quality soil mixes won’t be available to some growers because you live in a prohibition state or a small town or both.   In those situations Miracle-Gro may be the only thing available to you, and I’ll give you the best advice that I know of for growing with it.  Before I do that I’m going to tell why I don’t grow Miracle-Gro marijuana.   Continue reading