In My Grow Show Ep. 107: Bone Meal and Patrick Goggin has small business advice.

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Patrick helps explain what an LLC is.

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“In My Grow Show” hosted by Alex Robles: Ep. 50 Dr. Stefan Kirchanski talks to me about patenting cannabis genetics.

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Root aphids and cannabis (marijuana) plant.

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Greetings everyone welcome to Ep. 50.  I didn’t put out a show last week because i decided to watch the big game.  Later I’ll play a conversation I had with Stefan Kirchanski who is among other things is a lawyer that specializes in plant patent law.  The “Pest of the Week” continues with “root aphids”. A cool resource I found to help identify bugs is

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Cannabis Law by State

by Alex Robles

Ever since 1996 when California passed its Compassionate Use Act (proposition 215) Americas cannabis laws have slowly been changing.  As of today 29 states and Washington D.C. allow safe access to cannabis whether it’s medical or recreational.  While this number is encouraging I think it’s important that we get involved in the conversation if we want to change minds and stigmas about cannabis use.  We want to make sure we don’t give up patient access rights or growers rights while we rush to the “Shangri-La” that is legalized cannabis.  If we don’t want bureaucrats to be left alone to write cannabis laws and regulations then I urge everyone to be part of the dialogue.  If you can, show up to your local city council meeting about cannabis or just have an adult conversation with your adult friends about cannabis.  The goal is to move the conversation forward.  A good starting point is to know the law where you live. Continue reading

A new day for recreational cannabis

by Alex Robles

Well my fellow cannabis enthusiasts, this is a new day.  20 years after medical cannabis was legalized in California, the great citizens of that state voted to legalize it for recreational use by anyone over the age of 21.  So as of Wednesday November 9, 2016 adults can legally consume cannabis for the fun of it. This matters to me because I live in the beautiful Golden State and I believe in the free and open access to cannabis by adults.   Continue reading