En Mi Cultivo Ep. 1 Los Estigmas del cannabis/marijuana ( In My Grow Show in Spanish)

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Este es el primer episodio de el nuevo programa sobre el cannabis “En Mi Cultivo”.

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Using Neoseiulus Cucumeris in our cannabis/marijuana garden.

by Alex Robles

Neoseiulus cucumeris was the first phytoseiid mite found to feed on thrips, in 1939.  It was forgotten about or looked past until the 1980. We become a lot more concerned with pests becoming resistant to chemical controls. Those chemicals were also starting to get into groundwater and affect the environment and our health in a negative way.  So that’s the cucumeris became such a popular general biological predator for pest management.

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Fungus Gnats and the Cannabis Plant.

By Alex Robles

     Before we start talking about fungus gnats I need to mention how important it is to learn how to water your plants.  I know it seems like a stupid thing to bring up because it sounds so basic, but many plants have met their death by over watering.  Most of those victims have been seedlings and young plants since their root system is still developing. However, too much or too little water or bad soil conditions (e.g., poor drainage, or waterlogging) are much more common causes of wilted plants.  

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